Can you get your Groove Back by Balancing your Body?

Taking A Deeper Look Inside Your Body To Transform Your Health

by Samantha Stupak, Owner and Founder of Balanced Health 

Have you ever gone to the doctor only to be told there was nothing wrong, or even worse, that
you have anxiety or depression when you know something is wrong? Your eyes fill with tears
as you leave the office, feelings of complete discouragement and fear that there is no hope of
ever getting back to feeling well again. That was the story of my life for four years. I was bed
bound, unable to walk or think, and debilitated with fatigue. My digestive system was slowly
shutting down and I had pain on a daily basis that most can barely fathom. How could I see so
many doctors and specialists with no explanation as to how, in such a short amount of time, I
went from being a healthy 25 year old woman to what felt like a 100 year cripple on her

I began to question my own sanity, especially after so many doctors told me that it was all in my
head. One of the best qualities I developed though this intolerable time in my life was
determination, purely out of desperation. I experimented with every possible therapy, drug, diet,
and voodoo science out there. It wasn’t until I met a Naturopath that used a type of testing on
me that I had never seen before. When he told me it was Lyme Disease, I was baffled. I had
been tested dozens of times previously by doctors all with negative results. At this point, I had
two options. One, continue on the dead end road I had been on for years already, or two, take
the remedies and concoctions this Naturopath gave me. I ended up working with this
Naturopath for six months until I was financially tapped out, but happy to say I was a walking,
talking, contributing part of society again. After going through this living hell and finding this
secret pathway to get out of it, I felt compelled to help others out there that suffer like I once did.
I could never go back to my engineering job in Chicago, I had discovered what would soon
become my calling.

This unbearable illness, was a bittersweet experience for me. What has developed from it is
something extraordinary. I asked myself, “How can I recreate what that Naturopath did for me,
but in a more logistical and affordable way for everyone to have access to?” After going back to
school to study natural health and bioenergetic medicine, I worked tirelessly on developing a
platform to help the masses.

Did you know your hair and saliva contain all the information needed to do a complete work up
on your entire body? Through bioresonance hair and saliva testing, we can look at levels of
organ stress, nutritional imbalances, food and environmental sensitivities, toxic levels of
microbes and chemicals, and even hormonal imbalances. You might be wondering how you can
gather so much data from a small hair and saliva sample. Every person is unique, their DNA is
unique, their health issues are unique, and their toxic levels are unique. These individualities
are captured in the hair and saliva, and with bioresonance testing equipment, it can be analyzed
to such a degree that it can even detect issues long before they become a chronic problem; or
begin to balance issues that have been nagging someone for years.

Let me paint you a picture of what this process looks like. A collection kit is sent to you, once
it’s received the directions explain how to take the samples, then they are sent back to be
analyzed. After roughly ten days, the results are ready and you can read them online. You will
see 14 different bodily systems and what degree of stress each is under, along with a list of the
specific organs most significantly stressed. You will see a list of food and environmental
categories that the samples were tested against for sensitivities. Close to 1000 items are
tested. Items range from gluten and yogurt, to pollen and cat dander; and everything in
between. Each individual item that comes up sensitive will be listed. There will also be a list of
nutritional categories with specific imbalances that were identified, along with lists of foods to
eat that are potent in each nutrient that came up low. Toxicity, a major culprit and root issue for
many, will be identified and include: chemicals, bacteria, parasites, viruses, heavy metals, and
molds. Finally, major hormonal imbalances will be identified and listed if they are high or low.
All of this gathered knowledge about the internal stress levels in your body is laid out in a
detailed report and incredibly powerful. To take things a step further with the process, a
customized holistic regimen is tested to ensure compatibility and listed in this report as well.
From one scan to the next a client can compare their progress in their online portal.
This is a process for every unique person and specific circumstance. This is not a silver bullet
for everyone, but it does take the guesswork out of how to approach holistic health on your own
at home. To ensure complete understanding and have the support that might be needed, a full
staff is available to answer questions or concerns as they arise. If you’ve ever felt dismissed,
embarrassed, frustrated, worried, discouraged, or at your witts end with your health this might
be the tool you’ve been looking for.

I owe my life to this technology, and can say with extreme joy in my heart that we’ve been able
to help thousands of others that struggle in some way, shape, or form. This process is for the
chronically ill, the overweight, those seeking prevention and wellness, struggle with allergies,
the concerned parents, those with the stubborn health issues, and the curious. Excitement
doesn’t begin to explain how this technology is transforming lives on a daily basis.

For more information, or to get your scan process started go to and fill out the contact form.


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I read your entire blog and there is some very amazing information but the thing which surprised me the most is the fact that our hairs and saliva have all the information needed to know about our health. The services rarely write about this. Thank you