About b

Hi! I'm brenda
(aka "b")
Get ready to b nourished, b fit, and b fabulous!
If it has to do with weight loss, balancing blood sugar, and personalized exercise, then I'm your coach!

A little about me...

I am a born and raised Minnesota girl who grew up as an only-child of two loving, supportive parents. I now live with my wonderful boyfriend in Minneapolis and have an amazing group of friends, and love what I do!
 Because I love to eat, I somehow always work food into a conversation. My favorite thing is to make-over "naughty" recipes with healthy ingredients OR I'll take a recipe that seems perfectly fine and turn it on its head to make it healthy. I also love to travel! My top four vacations thus far were to Italy, Spain, Portland (Oregon) and Colorado (where I hiked to the top of Mt. Yale-hardest physical challenge of my life so far and most rewarding). I also love to move! I enjoy teaching fitness classes and doing yoga. It still amazes me how good I feel and how creative I am after I get some exercise.  I feel blessed and grateful with the life I have created!

My passion for living optimally and wanting to help others who want the same is the reason I started health coaching.

At the onset of my wellness journey I struggled with weight management, digestion issues, hormonal imbalance, fatigue and the ability to manage life’s stressors. I followed the latest fad diets, workout regimens and quick fixes, bought the hottest pills, powders and potions, but nothing worked (not long term anyway). I would experience temporary improvements and then the search would start all over again, so I understand your frustration with all of the dead ends! In an effort to heal naturally, and make long-lasting changes, I began to learn how to use food, exercise and meditation to cure what ailed me.
In 2012 my health and wellness was put to it's greatest test. I lost my mother suddenly to a brain aneurysm. As a result of that experience my passion for wellness turned into a mission. I realized how precious life is and how important it is to live it to it's fullest, and to be strong enough to handle life's unexpected events.  I believe that my personal experience, years in the fitness and wellness industry, and my education have built the strong foundation of my health coaching practice. I feel that I am at my best and excited to help others feel the same. I love working with individuals who are motivated and excited about living their best life!

So here I am today: healthy, happy, full of energy and grounded! 

Now it’s your turn...
As a result of my experiences I am able to streamline the process for you. Being healthy does not have to be hard or complicated. Imagine having the courage and support to fulfill YOUR wellness dreams and desires, and making permanent changes that enhance every area of your life!!! 

Best of all I make it fun, easy, and sustainable.
What works for me may not work for you. We are all unique and special so let’s find your personal b-fabulous recipe. I “b’lieve” you deserve it and that you deserve the experience of living the most awesome version of yourself. I’m so excited for you to get started. Life is too short to wait until tomorrow.

Start living your b-licious life now! 

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