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09 smoothies that will change your life!

Could a red, purple or green smoothie can your life? They changed mine! I make a healthy smoothie every
morning for breakfast to start my day with all the essentials to fuel me up and get me energized. Starting your day with a nutrient dense smoothie helps to balance your blood sugar, stave off cravings and fuel your mind and body. 
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40 on the go snack ideas!

If you are a busy bee who is on the go:
to work
to school
to practice
pick up/drop off
running errands
then you know how challenging it can be to eat healthy when you are out and about. 

10- weeks to running a 5k!
If completing a 5k was your goal for this summer, you can shift your focus to fall and still accomplish your goal! Here is an easy, doable routine for you to follow for the next 10-weeks.
Just looking to shake up your existing routine? GREAT!
  • If you are a walker wanting to take it to the next level, then this is perfect for you.
  • If weight loss is your goal, the gradual progression of the daily routines will be a great supplement to healthy eating to move you toward success.
  • If you are already working out and not sure how to fit this in. Use the walking days as your recovery/rest days and replace your current cardio activity with the walk/jog days on this schedule.
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