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In my experience it is important to consider the whole body when determining the right approach to achieving health and fitness goals. When working with my clients I pull tools from four wellness categories that I feel are the most beneficial for achieving desired results: exercise, clean eating, mindfulness relaxation and Bioenergetics hair and saliva testing. Because one-size-does-not-fit-all, and each individual has different needs, I may use one or two tools from a single category or I might use many from all categories.  After reading through each category, decide which one(s) resonates with you, then contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation for more information.

exercise: each client will go through a functional movement screening to test movement capabilities this helps me determine where your body may have imbalances, limitations or tightness so that I can design the correct exercise and movement plan for your body.  Your workout plan may include cardio routines, resistance training, foam rolling, core work, flexibility and balance moves. I offer short term and long term personal training options. To find out more click here

clean eating:  I love the saying "you can't exercise yourself out of a bad diet." You really are what you eat so with clean eating coaching we explore the foods that will nourish your body, reduce inflammation, balance your blood sugar, enhance your energy levels, improve your digestion and more. Because I am human and realistic I believe in the 80/20 ratio when it comes to healthy living. That means that for 80 percent of the week you are eating clean, nourishing foods and for the remaining 20 percent you are enjoying special treats so you don't feel deprived. My goal is to help you get comfortable with choosing the right foods to build tasty and healthy meals and snacks that you will enjoy. Clean eating coaching consists of 60 minute strategy sessions. Each session will be structured around your specific needs and goals. If you'd like to discuss your situation or  if you have questions let's schedule a free consultation to see if my coaching is right for you! 

mindfulness relaxation:  Chronic stress levels elevate the stress hormone cortisol, which is directly related to blood sugar levels, accumulation of belly fat, depression, disrupted sleep, elevated blood pressure, foggy brain and more. Whether the body experiences a one-time high stress event or continual high levels for an extended period of time, the adrenal glands may become overworked, leading to adrenal fatigue. I'm telling you this because it illustrates one example of the importance of stress management in creating and maintaining good health. As your coach, I will teach you the tools you need to reduce the impact of stress on your body. Some of the tools include: deep breathing, stretching, gratitude, journaling, yoga self-care techniques and mindfulness.  For more information take a deep breath and click here.

BioEnergetic Hair and Saliva testing: I talk with so many people who have been battling with health issues and cannot find answers or natural solutions to their problems. One of the reasons that I became a Health Coach was because I was determined to educate people in this situation and let them know that there is hope and they can feel good again.  As a result of my passion, I am excited to announce my partnership with Balanced Health to offer an innovative testing technique that scans and analyzes the stress levels of 14 systems in the body. This non-invasive protocol scans your DNA through hair and saliva samples to reveal imbalances, sensitivities, toxins, and allergies and then provides a list of customized remedies to bring your body back into balance. Some of the commonly seen concerns are chronic health issues, hormonal imbalances, emotional imbalances, digestive complaints, sensitivities and prevention. I have had a very positive personal experience with this test, and successful results with my customized remedies. For anyone struggling to find answers to their health struggles I highly recommend beginning with this approach. This test is available to men, women and children. If you would like to receive more information about this testing please contact me or to order your kit now click here.

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